Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Team Saxo Bank maintains World Tour license

Team Saxo Bank tonight received the news that UCI's License Commission has decided to let the team maintain it's World Tour license for 2012.

The License Commission based it's decision on the extraordinaire and unprecedented situation that created thereevaluation procedure of Team Saxo Bank's WorldTour license and found that due to these circumstances, a withdrawal of the license could not be justified. Therefore the License Commission rejected the request by the UCI.

"We respect the decision made by the License Commission, and we are of course both relieved and happy about the result. We very much think this is the right decision given the whole situation that caused the reevaluation of our license," team owner Bjarne Riis says.

"Now we very much look forward to putting all our energy, effort and focus back on running the team and racing again, and for the first time in more than one and a half year we are actually able to do so 100 percent," Bjarne Riis adds. 


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